Odd Hours is a dark electro-rock band – heavily influenced by 80's post-punk and 90's industrial music – that mixes sexy and aggressive elements creating distorted art pop.

With video artist Natasha Beste leading the band, Odd Hours’ visual presence is just as important as their music – this is reflected in their bizarre but seductive music videos and live shows. Fans have compared Beste’s vocals to Siouxsie Sioux, Blondie, Karen O, and even Ian Curtis, which when combined with her stage presence, equal a sensual and dramatic emotional energy that demands attention.

Based in Detroit, Odd hours have headlined shows, played major local festivals, and completed several short midwest tours promoting their recently released EP, 'norepinephrine + dopamine' co-produced by electronic artist and producer, Jon Zott (Assemble Sound). Odd Hours is extremely expressive and personal but is intended to be the musical vehicle for audiences to expel their own inescapable feelings.

Imagine Madonna and Marilyn Manson holding hands

Beloved members of the band include Clint Stuart, Randy Hanely Jr., Adam Redmond and touring members, Tim Cooper and Christopher Feistammel.